Happy Birthday – Smofried.com

Today marks the one year birthday of Smofried.com… Today also marks another very important milestone in the Smofried saga which is our second Kentucky Derby Burger contest victory. I’m very proud of the Smofried Cafe Burger and all that it is comprised of. I have to be honest in revealing that I did not anticipate winning this year for a number of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I played to win but I knew that a second victory in a row would not be an easy feat. Continue reading “Happy Birthday – Smofried.com”

Short Rib Tacos

Short rib tacos are an undeniable Mexican staple of epic proportions. We added some of our favorite Mexican beer along with some full leaf Mexican oregano to take the authentic flavor composition to an entirely different stratosphere. Throw in the Big Green Egg and a cast iron Dutch Oven from Lodge and this recipe will easily move up the ranks as one of your favorite go to Mexican inspired recipes. Who doesn’t love them some Tacos? Continue reading “Short Rib Tacos”

Oktoberfest Brisket Chilli

This time of year brings about a number of the most wonderful of seasonal delicacies. While Fall is mostly known for the start of football season there is also a number of related activities that must take place during or around the big games. The obvious top of the objective list is enjoying great food. At the top of the list of great fall foods is chilli. There are a number of ways to enjoy great chilli and there are even greater ways to cook it. Continue reading “Oktoberfest Brisket Chilli”

Tacos Carne Asada

Likely the greatest advantage to international BBQ is the ease in which the cooking technique can be applied to a plethora dishes. With as little as a single piece of meat and a fire you can just about conjure up anything your imagination can come up with. This recipe takes an even more primitive approach to cooking up some of the tastiest steak I’ve ever had the luxury of tasting. If you’ve ever witnessed anyone cook meat directly over charcoal then you can attest to the culinary intimacy that I felt as this flat iron steak sizzled and emitted the most fragrant scents I’ve ever experienced from my Big Green Egg. Continue reading “Tacos Carne Asada”

Smoked Prime Rib

I’ve never quite understood why people lost their minds over thick cuts of prime rib, mainly due to the fact that I’d never had it. After just one bite of this sandwich I knew my life would never be the same. This ribeye roast yielded some of the most tender and flavorful beef I’ve ever experienced. The combination of slow roasted fork tender beef and the creamy house made aioli make this an electrifying and tasty experience. Continue reading “Smoked Prime Rib”

Smoked Short Rib Tacos

I must admit that I haven’t had much experience eating or cooking beef short ribs. Nonetheless any cut of meat with the rib label must be regarded as top quality. Regardless of whether its pork, beef or lamb you can always bet that if ribs are involved something magical is about to happen. Couple a few beef short ribs and a few go to taco toppings and you’ll be sitting at the intersection of savory street flavor and boulevard! Continue reading “Smoked Short Rib Tacos”