Smoked Duck Sliders

The abundance of duck throughout the winter months is enough to make the summer seem not so distant. As far as poultry is concerned there really isn’t another bird that holds a candle to all of the wonderful things that duck will bring into your life. From crispy skin, to multi use and delicious duck fat you’re already at a great advantage and you haven’t even gotten to the succulent meat! Continue reading “Smoked Duck Sliders”

Short Rib Tacos

Short rib tacos are an undeniable Mexican staple of epic proportions. We added some of our favorite Mexican beer along with some full leaf Mexican oregano to take the authentic flavor composition to an entirely different stratosphere. Throw in the Big Green Egg and a cast iron Dutch Oven from Lodge and this recipe will easily move up the ranks as one of your favorite go to Mexican inspired recipes. Who doesn’t love them some Tacos? Continue reading “Short Rib Tacos”

Smoked BBQ Chili

We’ve officially reached the point in the year where a nice bowl of hot chili on any given day is a treat for the body and the soul. At we believe in adding as much BBQ to just about anything that we can get our hands on. The combination of classic chili ingredients with slow smoked pulled pork BBQ makes this chili a culinary intersection of the best from two different worlds. It’s almost like taking the best of the summer and adding it to the best of the winter thus making the best of all time. Continue reading “Smoked BBQ Chili”

Smoked Chicken Tacos

For what feels like all of the past thirty years it seems like there has been a consistent Taco craze amongst us. As mundane as Tacos appear to be, there just seems to be an ever apparent infatuation with the traditionally Mexican delight. Though Tacos used to be regarded as a Mexican staple they are now an easy to infuse international culinary treat of pure genius. As noted by the weekly holiday like celebration of Taco Tuesday it’s evident at this juncture that the world renowned phenomenon is here to stay for good.
Continue reading “Smoked Chicken Tacos”

Twice Baked Potatoes

Potatoes may be the most versatile and tasty vegetables known to man. There aren’t very many foods in existence that don’t go well with potatoes of some sort. Whether its French Fries, potato chips or baked potatoes you’re likely to see some form of potato dish at every American cookout. These twice baked potatoes are no different and are a perfect standalone compliment to any backyard BBQ! Continue reading “Twice Baked Potatoes”

Tacos Carne Asada

Likely the greatest advantage to international BBQ is the ease in which the cooking technique can be applied to a plethora dishes. With as little as a single piece of meat and a fire you can just about conjure up anything your imagination can come up with. This recipe takes an even more primitive approach to cooking up some of the tastiest steak I’ve ever had the luxury of tasting. If you’ve ever witnessed anyone cook meat directly over charcoal then you can attest to the culinary intimacy that I felt as this flat iron steak sizzled and emitted the most fragrant scents I’ve ever experienced from my Big Green Egg. Continue reading “Tacos Carne Asada”

Smoked Turkey Pot Pie

One of my fondest memories from growing up is the turkey pot pie my mom used to make whenever we had leftover turkey. I’m not sure if I was more amazed at the amount of leftover turkey or the fact that scraps could turn out such an amazing dish. I can recall almost always eating way too much turkey pot pie. Fifteen years later and not much has changed with me. A rather large dish of turkey pot pie still only lasts about 48 hours in my household. The other night I decided to put a few of my personal spins on turkey pot pie and I must say that the outcome was just as astonishing as what my mom used to make. Continue reading “Smoked Turkey Pot Pie”

Big Green Scotch Eggs

The idea of Scotch Eggs have always been an intriguing combination for myself as well as many of those around me. It’s like you combine the best of two different worlds. I was always that kid who could never get enough hard boiled eggs. As for sausage, who doesn’t absolutely love breakfast sausage. When I finally came of age and experienced my first Scotch Egg at a local Irish Pub I was instantly hooked and I knew my mission in life was to perfect the recipe. After a few attempts I’m pretty confident that I am well on my way to that accomplishment. Continue reading “Big Green Scotch Eggs”

Big Green Egg Pizza Night

Pizza on the Big Green Egg can be a very daunting task. Between getting the pizza onto the egg to controlling the temperature you will run into a litany of possible issues the first few times you take a swing at pizza night. I must say that once the stars align and you finally get the pizza process in order you will not want delivery ever again. The best part is the timing. You’ll find that you’re able to cook pizzas at a blazing rate and the taste is second to none. Continue reading “Big Green Egg Pizza Night”

Pineapple Plank Chicken Breast

When it comes to grilling chicken breast there is no shortage on methods to get the best part of the yard bird cooked. From simple recipes and ingredient lists all the way to elaborate gourmet methods chicken breast can be whipped up to culinary delight in a number of ways. This recipe features juicy chicken breast grilled somewhere in the middle of simple yet gourmet worthy. The aesthetics alone will make just about any chicken breast lover’s mouth water on sight! Continue reading “Pineapple Plank Chicken Breast”