Beef Brisket – The Smofried Guide 2017

*BBQ is an arbitrary science at best! Due to a myriad of uncontrollable factors it can never be done the exact same way more than once. When it comes to beef brisket there are a few simple guidelines that will ensure that it comes out right each and every-time you try. While there’s no one right way there are a lot of wrong ways to smoke brisket. Ultimately your own personal preference should be the determining factor as to the level of success you attain. With this detailed guide I hope to share with you a few things to avoid as well as a few tips and tricks that will get you the crown whether it’s in your backyard or on the competition circuit.

Beef brisket is often regarded as one of the most difficult cuts of meat to master due to the complexity in the process. Do note that the process does not have to be adhered to 100% of the time but if you want the best chances at an excellent beef brisket then you’ll want to follow a certain set of rules and guidelines to get you through the entire process. That process starts well before you even purchase the chunk of meat.

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Digital Thermometers – The Smofried Guide

When it comes to producing some of the world’s best BBQ two factors have been and remain a constant requirement in getting it done the right way. Time and temperature are probably the two most paramount aspects of all things cooking, especially great BBQ. This guide shall serve as an informative piece of literature aimed at helping those in search of a top of the line digital thermometer or two.

As with any other line of work or hobby there are a myriad of options available to you that will get the job done just the way you need it. The real work is just figuring out exactly what job you want to accomplish and which tools are best suited to help you on your way to BBQ superstardom. Continue reading “Digital Thermometers – The Smofried Guide”

Dutch Oven Cooking – The Smofried Guide

Those who have enjoyed the fruits of open fire cooking can attest to the efficiency in which cast iron Dutch ovens get the job done. Camp style cast iron Dutch Ovens possess many great characteristics even though they are fairly minimal in design. For starters they pack a good bit of weight. This allows for the outdoor cooking stoves to perform at peak capacity no matter what the conditions present. The overall versatility of cast iron allows for gourmet level results whether you’re using the Dutch oven in your backyard, at the park or in your kitchen.

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Cast Iron Cookware – The Smofried Guide


This piece has gone through about ten different iterations since I first started writing it in mid May 2016. Ultimately, it is nothing more that a high school level research article about cast iron cookware. My understanding of cast iron cookware has improved immensely since I first began writing this piece. I must say that without the abundance of information on the Internet regarding cast iron cookware I would not have been able to formulate this piece on the ins and outs of the cast-iron lifestyle. Continue reading “Cast Iron Cookware – The Smofried Guide”

Big Green EGGccessories – The SmoFried Guide

For just about all first time Big Green Egg owners there are a few hurdles one must overcome in order to get cooking at full capacity. From learning how to control air flow to using the correct amount and types of charcoal there can be several nuances that may turn someone off after they just dropped close to or a little over a grand on what’s supposed to be the greatest cooking apparatus known to man. This piece is an effort to alleviate the burden of trying to figure out which EGGcessories a first time Big Green Egg owner should purchase. Continue reading “Big Green EGGccessories – The SmoFried Guide”

Big Green Egg Charcoal Chimney – The SmoFried Guide

Cooking with fire is such a primitive method of culinary madness that one must expand on the simplicity every now and then. Users of the Big Green Egg already know to never use lighter fluid to start the beast but how does one go about starting a good fire in a decent amount of time without the help of any artificial igniters. Personally, I like to treat the BGE as if it where a charcoal chimney to start fires especially for my low and slow excursions. Below are a few easy steps to make the task of using the BGE as a charcoal chimney a breeze. Continue reading “Big Green Egg Charcoal Chimney – The SmoFried Guide”

Smoking With Wood – The SmoFried Guide

Charcoal ChimneyWhenever wood smoke fills the air you can almost garnet that it will attract a crowd. Whether that crowd wants in on the food or they’re just their simply to watch. There is something unmistakingly unique about one of the if not the most primitive methods to prepare food. Even after thousands of technological advances in the culinary field over the years there is still a premium feel when it comes to food prepared over hot fire and smoke. Continue reading “Smoking With Wood – The SmoFried Guide”

Pulled Pork – The SmoFried Guide

BBQ can mean a variety of things across the United States, but in the south east it means one thing… and that’s pulled pork. Made famous in the beautiful southern state of South Carolina, pulled pork is a staple as well as a crowning achievement for many backyard chefs. I guarantee that if you visit any true southern cookout this weekend pulled pork will be in attendance as the main dish! Continue reading “Pulled Pork – The SmoFried Guide”

Beef Brisket – The SmoFried Guide

Beef brisket can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. We’ve all heard the horror stories of several hour stalls and overcooked end products. We’ve also listened to folks in Texas revere the beef brisket as if figuring out how to perfect a whole packer is some sort of BBQ right of passage. Regardless of where you’re currently at in your brisket journey it’s fair to say that it is king when it comes to high level BBQ! Continue reading “Beef Brisket – The SmoFried Guide”