Happy Birthday – Smofried.com

Today marks the one year birthday of Smofried.com… Today also marks another very important milestone in the Smofried saga which is our second Kentucky Derby Burger contest victory. I’m very proud of the Smofried Cafe Burger and all that it is comprised of. I have to be honest in revealing that I did not anticipate winning this year for a number of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I played to win but I knew that a second victory in a row would not be an easy feat. Continue reading “Happy Birthday – Smofried.com”

Happy New Year From Smofried

It wasn’t but two years ago I recall having a high sense of amazement at myself for smoking 40 pounds of Boston Butt at one time. Nowadays it seems like I blow that amount out food of the water on just about a weekly basis. 2016 proved to be the biggest year of my culinary journey. From winning the Kentucky Derby Burger contest to catering two large events to serving food out of my own pop up BBQ stand last year was been nothing short of amazing.

Continue reading “Happy New Year From Smofried”

SmoFried Buffalo Wings

In regards to the original time of this writing football season is still a few months away but let’s be honest… There is never a “not right” time to enjoy one of America’s favorite appetizers. Chicken wings are pretty much an accepted staple at any outdoor, indoor, drinking or dry get together you can come up with. Buffalo wings specifically are about as synonymous to sports as jerseys are. By utilizing just a little added flare our Smofried Buffalo Wings are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Continue reading “SmoFried Buffalo Wings”

SmoFried BBQ Wings

Since the inception of Smofried.com hot chicken wings have been the staple of the brand. Today we experimented with an infusion of Asian BBQ sauce and dry rubbed SmoFried chicken wings. The results were second to none as tastes from both hemispheres of the world were on center stage at the same time. Peach wood, hickory wood and peanut oil were the main flavor drivers on this culinary expedition. Continue reading “SmoFried BBQ Wings”