BBQ Dry Rubs

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Since we can’t physically prepare our BBQ for everyone, everywhere, all of the time, we figured the next best thing was to offer our line of specialized BBQ Dry Rubs to all BBQ aficionados around the world. We use all of our own BBQ Dry Rubs in all of our recipes to layer extraordinary flavor profiles on top of one another. Our objective in exclusively using our unique dry rubs is to cultivate and carry on a BBQ culture that the entire state of Kentucky can be proud of!


Smofried EGGs

If Smofried had a flavor distinction it would most likely be located at the intersection of Sweet, Sour and Smoked Avenue. Regardless of the chosen path all three roads lead to the epicenter of taste in our latest concoction. Smofried EGGs are the culmination of both international and local opinions of the things that should …

The Turducken

The Turducken is not just an overstuffed, over-hyped heap of poultry. It’s more like a commencement of flavor! Though the originations of the Turducken are sometimes a heated point of debate, no one can dispute that the late great Chef Paul Prudhomme was most responsible for perfecting it. Therefore it is vital to treat each …


If it isn’t obvious by now, at The Smofried BBQ company we love great BBQ. We also have a soft spot for tacos. So we figured why not put the two together! Sure, others have done it before us but we’ve been hard pressed to find another establishment that hangs its hat on the taco. So that’s what we decided to do a couple of years ago. We set out to create a flavorful, colorful and powerful combination of two of the greatest things known to man… BBQ + Tacos!

The BBQ Manifesto

I first fell in love with BBQ after tasting some of the goodness from the guy across the street from First Baptist Church in J-Town, Kentucky. After our Saturday morning basketball games this guy would be across the street with the biggest BBQ pit that I’d seen at the time serving two inch pork chop sandwiches for $3 a piece. There was something about the deep charcoal smoked taste that until this day I have not managed to forget. I’d be lying if I were to say that I haven’t spent a sizable number of years trying to replicate that very taste in my own BBQ endeavors, to no avail.

Fortunately in trying to replicate those flavors I’ve managed to develop some of my own methods and strategies for creating some of the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted. So in the end it’s turned out to be a win-win situation for myself and those closest to me.

Over the past five years I’ve seen my level of BBQ cooking explode in effectiveness and I must say that most of it has been brought on by continually refining my core processes. The core processes include fire, smoke, flavor, timing and temperature. I find that whenever I am able to dial in on each one of those processes I produce some of the best BBQ known to man… at least this man!

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