Crawfish Etouffee

The sunset of Mardi Gras may mean many different things to different people throughout the world, but for those of us that enjoy the finer edible things in life it marks the official kickoff to Crawfish season. Frankly, there is just no better way to start the culinary calendar than with that of Crawfish Étouffée. […]

Big Green Egg SmoFried

Smofried EGGs

If Smofried had a flavor distinction it would most likely be located at the intersection of Sweet, Sour and Smoked Avenue. Regardless of the chosen path all three roads lead to the epicenter of taste in our latest concoction. Smofried EGGs are the culmination of both international and local opinions of the things that should […]


Smofried BBQ Chimichangas

BBQ is about as prevalent in North American culture as tortillas are in South American culture. Therefore we felt dually obligated to mesh the two culinary staples to produce perhaps the greatest mash up of flavor known to man. Sure, we may be overselling it just a little bit but rest assured that everything that’s […]

Big Green Egg Poultry

The Turducken

The Turducken is not just an overstuffed, over-hyped heap of poultry. It’s more like a commencement of flavor! Though the originations of the Turducken are sometimes a heated point of debate, no one can dispute that the late great Chef Paul Prudhomme was most responsible for perfecting it. Therefore it is vital to treat each […]

Big Green Egg Pork

Smoked Porchetta

Within the world of BBQ, pork belly maintains a perception as one of the most mythical cuts of pork. While ribs are ribs and ham is ham, pork belly offers a much wider range of culinary possibilities. Cube it and you’ll have some of the best pork belly burnt ends ever. Cure it and you […]

Big Green Egg Lamb

Smoked + Braised Leg of Lamb

An urgent quest to find a basic smoked Leg of Lamb recipe resulted in a truly remarkable BBQ experience. A few weeks ago when I first set out to do pulled Leg of Lamb I found it rather difficult to find any relevant information on exactly how to do it. As I combed through Google […]

Big Green Egg Poultry SmoFried Smofried Guides Tacos

Turkey – The Smofried Guide

The concept of Smofried Turkey makes up a very sacred portion of the heart and soul of Thats due to the fact that the Smofried Turkey was the initial foundation for our brand. Our inception occurred on a day in mid November 2015 when a couple of us were sitting in a conference room […]

Big Green Egg Pork Tacos

Big Green Egg – Carnitas Tacos

As it stands pork carnitas are the holy grail of Mexican tacos. While there have been countless renditions of the taco throughout time none have held more merit than the Almighty carnitas taco. Therefore we felt it was only right that we finally pay homage to this wonderful concoction of savory, crunchy and juicy pork. […]

Beef Big Green Egg


Pastrami is the epitome of all salty meats, well renowned for its unique combination of intense flavor, incredible texture and one of a kind coloring. On the other hand, nailing the perfect recipe is often one of the most difficult things to accomplish in cooking. Not because of the extreme level of difficulty but mainly […]

Big Green Egg Poultry Tacos

Mole BBQ Chicken Tacos

Street tacos are something much more epic than just a late night meal option. To start, the tortilla represents a canvas of endless possibilities. A canvas where a basic meat option such as chicken plays the role of both primary color and perspective. Grilled Corn Salsa and Avocado Crema finalize the perfect fusion of Mexican […]