Big Green Egg Smofried Guides

Big Green Egg Charcoal Chimney – The SmoFried Guide

Cooking with fire is such a primitive method of culinary madness that one must expand on the simplicity every now and then. Users of the Big Green Egg already know to never use lighter fluid to start the beast but how does one go about starting a good fire in a decent amount of time without the help of any artificial igniters. Personally, I like to treat the BGE as if it where a charcoal chimney to start fires especially for my low and slow excursions. Below are a few easy steps to make the task of using the BGE as a charcoal chimney a breeze.

1. Begin by cleaning out the bottom of the Big Green Egg. Make sure to remove the majority of leftover charcoal and dust by way of the bottom vent.

1-BGE Clean

2. Douse two pieces of newspaper in canola oil and stuff in the bottom of the BGE.

2-BGE Newspaper

3. Place the charcoal grate over top of the newspaper where it normally goes.

3-BGE Charcoal Grate

4. Add a shallow layer of lump charcoal on top of the grate.

4-BGE Charcoal Layer-1

5. Place your desired types of wood logs or chunks on top of the first layer of charcoal.

5-BGE Wood

6. Add another layer of charcoal on top and on the sides of the wood.

6-BGE Charcoal Layer-2

7. Using a long lighter ignite the newspaper by way of the fully opened lower vent.

7-BGE Lighter

8. Give the Big Green Egg about twenty minutes to get up to temperature with the lid open.

8-BGE 250 Degrees

9. Once the fire is going close the lid and begin configuring the vent openings to get your desired temperature.

9-BGE Bottom Vent



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