Big Green Egg Pork

Big Green Scotch Eggs

The idea of Scotch Eggs have always been an intriguing combination for myself as well as many of those around me. It’s like you combine the best of two different worlds. I was always that kid who could never get enough hard boiled eggs. As for sausage, who doesn’t absolutely love breakfast sausage. When I finally came of age and experienced my first Scotch Egg at a local Irish Pub I was instantly hooked and I knew my mission in life was to perfect the recipe. After a few attempts I’m pretty confident that I am well on my way to that accomplishment.


Pork Shoulder
Kosher Salt
Light Brown Sugar
Toasted Fennel Seeds
Cracked Black Pepper
Ground Nutmeg
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
Fresh Rosemary
Crushed Red Pepper
Dry Sherry Cooking Wine
Worcestershire Sauce
Italian Breadcrumbs


3 Pounds Sausage = 12 Eggs

You will need a residential grade meat grinder (You Can Buy One On Amazon), if you’d like to follow the homemade sausage recipe. Otherwise any sausage from the store will suffice. Start at direction #11 and follow the steps from there.


1. Begin by placing the pork shoulder along with the prep bowls inside of the freezer

2. Using a wooden chopping block begin chopping the sage thyme, rosemary and parsley.

Sausage Herbs

3. Peel and chop one whole bulb of garlic and add it to the chopped herbs and parsley.

4. In a large mixing bowl combine brown sugar, kosher salt, cracked black pepper, red crushed pepper, toasted fennel seeds and nutmeg. Set aside with the garlic, herb and parsley mix.

5. Remove the pork shoulder from the freezer and begin slicing into manageable pieces.

6. Begin feeding the sliced portions of the pork shoulder through the meat grinder attachment for the countertop Kitchen Aid mixer(You Can Buy One On Amazon).

Homemade Sausage

7. Once all of the pork shoulder is ground add the dry rub mixture as well as the herb, garlic and parsley mix to the prep bowl.

8. Add in about one cup of Sherry cooking wine, then begin working the pork mixture together until the result resembles store bought sausage.

9. Once the sausage is ground and mixed add Worcestershire sauce and Italian breadcrumbs specifically for the Scotch eggs.

10. Mix all of the ingredients together well.

Homemade Sausage Ball

11. Soft boil 12 eggs for every 3 pounds of sausage.

Soft Boiled Eggs

12. Soft boiling typically works best when the eggs are rolled during boiling in order to keep the yolk from settling on the side of the egg.

13. The soft boil should last no more than three minutes.

14. Remove the eggs from the boiling water and immediately place in an ice bath.

15. Allow the eggs to rest in the ice bath for at least ten minutes before peeling.

Boiled Egg Ice Bath

16. Peel the shells from the eggs and set aside.

17. In the meantime prepare the sausage for rolling over the eggs.

18. Begin by separating portions of the sausage a little bit larger than the size of a golf ball.

19. Flatten the portions on a countertop and place the soft boiled egg in the middle of the sausage.

20. Work the ground sausage around the egg until entirely covered. Use extra sausage if necessary to completely cover the egg.

21. Roll the Scotch Egg over the entire surface to make sure that as close to a perfect ball is formed.

BGE Scotch Eggs Uncooked

22. Using the platesetter prepare the Big Green Eg for indirect cooking between 350-400 degrees fahrenheit.

23. Once the Big Green Egg reaches the appropriate temperature cook the Scotch eggs between 350-400 degrees for 30 minutes.

BGE Scotch Eggs



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