Smoked + Braised Leg of Lamb

An urgent quest to find a basic smoked Leg of Lamb recipe resulted in a truly remarkable BBQ experience. A few weeks ago when I first set out to do pulled Leg of Lamb I found it rather difficult to find any relevant information on exactly how to do it. As I combed through Google all I could find was result after result warning of the tough and chewy terrors that would arise if I slow smoked leg of lamb. Needing a second opinion, I sought out various forum threads to find a more personal account of slow smoked Leg of Lamb.

To my surprise there just wasn’t an abundant amount of information on this particular technique for this particular meat. All I could get was information on Lamb shoulder. Since I’d never come across lamb shoulder I didn’t want to bank on finding it within the limited amount of time that I had. Long story short I wanted pulled Leg of Lamb and ultimately that’s what I was going to have. This is what happened!

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Lamb Fusion Burgers

After this latest test there is no question that meats were made to be mixed! Fusions of all sorts typically produce results that are well beyond the realm of their original intention. This was certainly the case when I decided to mash a little bit of Angus ground beef with a healthy portion of ground lamb. When you mix two of the tastiest types of meat you are rewarded with some of the most divine burgers you could ever imagine!

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Big Green Egg – Lamb Loin Chops

I’ve done a handful of field studies and I just can’t seem to find anything wrong with lamb! Nearly every cut of lamb incites an addiction creating urge much like candy does for an otherwise unknowing toddler. If, like myself, you’ve waited until later in life to enjoy the delicacies of lamb then consider yourself one of the luckier ones. This way you can savor each new and life changing experience experience that you’ll encounter moving forward. Continue reading “Big Green Egg – Lamb Loin Chops”

Big Green Egg – Greek Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb tastes better than they look and they tend to look pretty damn good! The intense levels of Greek flavor add a distinct compliment to the naturally enticing flavor of lamb in this simple to execute dinner for two. Clocking in at less than ten total ingredients this may be one of the easiest yet tastiest main course dishes to pull off in any home cook’s repertoire. This rendition of Rack of Lamb is what happens when you’re stuck at the intersection of flavor and visual appeal! Continue reading “Big Green Egg – Greek Rack of Lamb”