Smoked Fresh Ham

My encounter with a fresh ham was very unplanned. I’d been interested in trying one for the better part of the past year. I even went through the effort of calling up the local grocery store to have one delivered. It was delivered but when I went to pick it up, it wasn’t there. No ham, no foul (see what I did there). Several months later, July 4th to be exact I walked in to buy a couple of six packs of beer. As usual I walked past the meat section just to see what was going on. To my surprise there was a massive fresh ham just sitting in the pork section. Without second thought I picked it up and took it to the cashier along with my beer. Talk about a major score!

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Beer Braised Country Style Ribs

Nothing beats good old down home Southern comfort food, especially in the dead of the winter. Add in the open fire cooking element and you have yourself a meal fit for great Southern royalty. In this perfect marriage of a country style ribs, great beer and some of the best mashed potatoes on this side of the Mississippi you’ll find some of the best flavor combinations understood by man. From sweet, to savory to just a hint of smoky-heat your taste buds will rejoice in full flavors of what Beer Braised Country Style Ribs have to offer! Continue reading “Beer Braised Country Style Ribs”

Smoked BBQ Chili

We’ve officially reached the point in the year where a nice bowl of hot chili on any given day is a treat for the body and the soul. At we believe in adding as much BBQ to just about anything that we can get our hands on. The combination of classic chili ingredients with slow smoked pulled pork BBQ makes this chili a culinary intersection of the best from two different worlds. It’s almost like taking the best of the summer and adding it to the best of the winter thus making the best of all time. Continue reading “Smoked BBQ Chili”

Big Green Scotch Eggs

The idea of Scotch Eggs have always been an intriguing combination for myself as well as many of those around me. It’s like you combine the best of two different worlds. I was always that kid who could never get enough hard boiled eggs. As for sausage, who doesn’t absolutely love breakfast sausage. When I finally came of age and experienced my first Scotch Egg at a local Irish Pub I was instantly hooked and I knew my mission in life was to perfect the recipe. After a few attempts I’m pretty confident that I am well on my way to that accomplishment. Continue reading “Big Green Scotch Eggs”

Baby Back Ribs – Smofried 4th of July

In the United States the 4th of July has a few meanings. Some deeper than others for obvious reasons. No matter how you may feel about the 4th two things are certain year in and year out. Fireworks and ribs are about as synonymous to the 4th of July as Christmas is with the month of December. This year I felt the need to go with the mold and curate some top notch baby back ribs. The ensuing blog post is a vivid representation of not only the process and the result but also the deep American passion. Continue reading “Baby Back Ribs – Smofried 4th of July”

Smoked Pork Tenderloin

When it comes to ease of preparation and a reasonable time frame nothing in the world beats smoked pork tenderloin. The triple factor approach of an apple cider vinegar brine, both dry and wet rubs along with a sweet Asian BBQ sauce glaze make this pork tenderloin a figure eight collision course of succulent flavor. Add in the other triple effect of cherry, peach and hickory wood and you will never want to prepare your smoked pork tenderloin any other way…ever! Continue reading “Smoked Pork Tenderloin” – Thunder Over Louisville Party

While I acknowledge that hundred if not thousands of BBQ joints all across the nation cook several hundred pounds of meat on a day to day basis I must give myself a pat on the back for completing the feat myself. April 23, was the big kick off for the Kentucky Derby Festival aka Thunder Over Louisville. If you grew up in Louisville, KY or even if you’ve visited between the months of April and May you know just how serious this two weeks of festivities can be. Continue reading “ – Thunder Over Louisville Party”