Honey Chipotle Braised Chicken Tacos + Nachos

The look, the feel and the taste of authentic Mexican food is second to none no matter what corner of the world you are in! Nothing less was expected when I decided to put together a few random ingredients that I have had laying around in my pantry for the past few months. A fresh pack of boneless skinless chicken breast, my trusty seven quart dutch oven and a few fresh pepper powders made me feel as if I were on a culinary expedition south of the border. Continue reading “Honey Chipotle Braised Chicken Tacos + Nachos”

Dutch Oven Mediterranean Chicken

If tender fall off the bone chicken tickles your fancy then this recipe is an absolute must try, as long as you have access to a sizable cast iron dutch oven. If you happen to own a large Big Green Egg consider yourself lucky as the outcome will only be that much better. A few sprigs of fresh herbs, four wedges of lemon and a dash of extra virgin olive oil will make you as though you are enjoying a meal on the coast of Athens. Continue reading “Dutch Oven Mediterranean Chicken”

SmoFried Buffalo Wings

In regards to the original time of this writing football season is still a few months away but let’s be honest… There is never a “not right” time to enjoy one of America’s favorite appetizers. Chicken wings are pretty much an accepted staple at any outdoor, indoor, drinking or dry get together you can come up with. Buffalo wings specifically are about as synonymous to sports as jerseys are. By utilizing just a little added flare our Smofried Buffalo Wings are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Continue reading “SmoFried Buffalo Wings”

SmoFried BBQ Wings

Since the inception of Smofried.com hot chicken wings have been the staple of the brand. Today we experimented with an infusion of Asian BBQ sauce and dry rubbed SmoFried chicken wings. The results were second to none as tastes from both hemispheres of the world were on center stage at the same time. Peach wood, hickory wood and peanut oil were the main flavor drivers on this culinary expedition. Continue reading “SmoFried BBQ Wings”

Grilled Pesto Chicken Panini

For about the past twelve years I have wanted to invest in some sort of panini press. I’m not sure what it is about hot pressed sandwiches that make me weak at the knees but I can never get enough of them. Luckily I waited twelve years before making one of the better decisions of my life. In the midst of transitioning all of my cookware to cast iron I came across a unique panini setup by Lodge MFG. I would have never thought that two simple pieces of cast iron would enable me to create such magical pressed sandwiches! Continue reading “Grilled Pesto Chicken Panini”