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Smoking With Wood – The SmoFried Guide

Whenever wood smoke fills the air you can almost garnet that it will attract a crowd. Whether that crowd wants in on the food or they’re just their simply to watch. There is something unmistakingly unique about one of the if not the most primitive methods to prepare food. Even after thousands of technological advances in the […]

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Pulled Pork – The SmoFried Guide

BBQ can mean a variety of things across the United States, but in the south east it means one thing… and that’s pulled pork. Made famous in the beautiful southern state of South Carolina, pulled pork is a staple as well as a crowning achievement for many backyard chefs. I guarantee that if you visit […]

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Beef Brisket – The SmoFried Guide

Beef brisket can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. We’ve all heard the horror stories of several hour stalls and overcooked end products. We’ve also listened to folks in Texas revere the beef brisket as if figuring out how to perfect a whole packer is some sort of BBQ right of passage. […]