Smofried EGGs

If Smofried had a flavor distinction it would most likely be located at the intersection of Sweet, Sour and Smoked Avenue. Regardless of the chosen path all three roads lead to the epicenter of taste in our latest concoction. Smofried EGGs are the culmination of both international and local opinions of the things that should be done to an EGG. Inspiration on this one came by way of a Thai favorite mixed with a little southern pride!

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Smofried BBQ Chimichangas

BBQ is about as prevalent in North American culture as tortillas are in South American culture. Therefore we felt dually obligated to mesh the two culinary staples to produce perhaps the greatest mash up of flavor known to man. Sure, we may be overselling it just a little bit but rest assured that everything that’s right with the world comes full circle when the likes of slow smoked BBQ dances along with rich and creamy cheeses atop your tongue.

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Turkey – The Smofried Guide

The concept of Smofried Turkey makes up a very sacred portion of the heart and soul of Thats due to the fact that the Smofried Turkey was the initial foundation for our brand. Our inception occurred on a day in mid November 2015 when a couple of us were sitting in a conference room trying to decide how we would prep the office Thanksgiving Turkey. We got stuck between the options of smoking or frying the turkey. That’s when Patrick recommended that we do both… Smoke then Fry the turkey. Without giving it second thought that’s exactly what we did. The results were so phenomenal that we decided to build an entire brand around the name and concept even though we knew it wouldn’t necessarily apply to everything that we’d end up doing. At the end of the day we just knew that it sounded like a kick-ass name!

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BBQ Chicken – The Smofried Guide

In the world of smoked BBQ, beef and pork cuts have been and will likely always be the kings of the pit but there is an often forgotten about third party! BBQ chicken offers a sense of added versatility as well as ease. BBQ chicken is a great place to start for aspiring PitMasters attempting to demystify the art of smoked meat. Manipulating the flavor of chicken can be much easier than that of pork or beef. With just about three hours and some flavor enhancers you’ll be well on your way to top notch BBQ chicken in a relatively short amount of time. Not only that but you can also reap many more health benefits. So it’s a no brainer when it comes to BBQ chicken. It’s good and it’s good for you!

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Happy New Year From Smofried 2018

2017… wow what can I say. In only our second year of existence the Smofried BBQ company grew in ways that only I believed possible in 12 very short months. It literally feels like just yesterday I was writing this very year end synopsis for 2016 in between trying to figure out the private label market. Speaking of private labels, I must say that was the crowning achievement of the year. We got our products out on the market faster than any other business objective I’ve ever been a part of. That’s not to say that the bulk of the work is not still ahead of us. It’s more of a self inflicted pat on the back, if even for just a quick moment. The journey and the process were full of learning curves, trials, tribulations and unanswered phone calls. It was however rewarded with a trademark registration, a business registration, a bank account and a GTIN universal product code.

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Happy Birthday –

Today marks the one year birthday of… Today also marks another very important milestone in the Smofried saga which is our second Kentucky Derby Burger contest victory. I’m very proud of the Smofried Cafe Burger and all that it is comprised of. I have to be honest in revealing that I did not anticipate winning this year for a number of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I played to win but I knew that a second victory in a row would not be an easy feat. Continue reading “Happy Birthday –”

Happy New Year From Smofried

It wasn’t but two years ago I recall having a high sense of amazement at myself for smoking 40 pounds of Boston Butt at one time. Nowadays it seems like I blow that amount out food of the water on just about a weekly basis. 2016 proved to be the biggest year of my culinary journey. From winning the Kentucky Derby Burger contest to catering two large events to serving food out of my own pop up BBQ stand last year was been nothing short of amazing.

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