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Digital Thermometers – The Smofried Guide

When it comes to producing some of the world’s best BBQ two factors have been and remain a constant requirement in getting it done the right way. Time and temperature are probably the two most paramount aspects of all things cooking, especially great BBQ. This guide shall serve as an informative piece of literature aimed at helping those in search of a top of the line digital thermometer or two.

As with any other line of work or hobby there are a myriad of options available to you that will get the job done just the way you need it. The real work is just figuring out exactly what job you want to accomplish and which tools are best suited to help you on your way to BBQ superstardom.

Top 5 – Wireless Digital Thermometers:

One of the biggest hurdles of low and slow BBQ is the slow part. More often than not BBQ is going to take well over six hours. For this reason, many seasoned pit masters enjoy the idea of cooking through the night. Along with cooking through the night comes at least some semblance of sleep. With preset temperature and time alerts just about all Wireless Digital Thermometers currently on the market will help you get cat naps in with a bit more confidence.

Make + ModelSpecs
Grill Kings - Professional Barbecue Thermometer

-Easy BBQ App

-Bluetooth Capable

-iOS + Android Compatible
ThermoPro - TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

-Temperature Range: 32 F to 572 F

-Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8 F

-Remote Range: Up to 300 feet
Tappecue - V2.0 - 4 Probe WiFi BBQ Thermometer

-Temperature from 0 F to 572 F

-Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

-Windows and MAC Installation Program
Inkbird - Electronic Bluetooth Wireless BBQ Thermometer

-Bluetooth digital thermometer

-Connect it to your smartphone or iPhone

-Wireless 100m (300ft) range
ThermoWorks - ChefAlarm

-Probe with 700 degree max temp cable

-Adjustable high and low alarms

-Always on Max and Min temperatures

Top 5 – Digital Instant Read Thermometers:

For quicker cook sessions a Digital Instant Read Thermometer is the ideal tool for quickly reading temperatures of just about any cut of meat. Instant Read Thermometers are nothing more than enhanced digital counterparts to the regular temperature dials that we’ve all become accustomed to over time. Instant Read Thermometers are compact, fairly inexpensive and exceptionally accurate.

Make - ModelSpecs
Buy4Chef - Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer

-Registers temps from -58 to 572 F

-Display shows the exact temperature

-Accurate to within 2 degrees F (+ or -)
ThermoWorks -Thermapen (Red) Cooking Thermometer

-True 3-second readings

-4.5" probe reaches center of roasts + turkeys

-Safely measure BBQ, boiling sugars, fryers
Lavatools - PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

-3-4 second ultra-fast response time

-1.4 inch easy-read display

-Integrated magnet for convenient storage
Habor - Digital Food Thermometer

-Compact Foldable Probe Design

-Convenient Hanging Hole for Easy Storage

-Temperature Range: -49 F to 392 F
Yoofor - Digital Foldable Food Thermometer

-Sensitive 5" long probe

-Blue Backlight and Auto Shut-off

-Range of measurement from -58 F to 572 F

Top 5 – Digital InfraRed Thermometers:

Infra-Red Digital Thermometers give pit masters and home cooks the ability to analyze the ambient temperature of several different areas of their pits. Whether you need to test surface temperature of your meat or the temperature of your fire an infra-red thermometer is certainly the way to go. Be sure to pay close attention to read distance, read time and the number of sensors the infra-red thermometer has before you commit.

Make + ModelSpecs

Cocare - DT-8861 Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

-German Feinmaschine imported sensor

-Completes measurements in 0.5-1 seconds

-Stores 32 most recent data readings
Etekcity - Lasergrip 630 Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer

-MAX/MIN/AVG temperatures function

-Response Time - 500ms

-16:1 Distance to Spot Ratio
ColeMeter - LCD Digital Infrared Thermometer

-12:1 Distance Spot Ratio

-500ms Response Time

-High quality 5050 SMD LED lights
Tacklife - IT-T05 Digital Infrared Thermometer Dual Laser Thermometer

-Features dual laser technology

-Measures temperature within 0.5 second

-Intelligent Temperature Alarm
Estink - ES6530B Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer

-12 built-in laser points

-Tests temperatures between -50 F to 500 F

-Distance to spot ratio 12:1



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