Big Green Egg


In so many ways corn is a universal staple in a wide variety of different cuisines all over the globe. After experiencing elote or the first time you’ll understand exactly why Mexico boasts some of the greatest culinary conquests when it comes to all things corn. From tortillas to tamales to elote, a Mexican feast is not complete without multiple incorporations of corn.


Corn On The Cob
Chipotle Powder
Granulated Onion
Sea Salt
Lime Juice
Sour Cream


1. Begin by removing the husks from each of the ears of corn.

2. Once the husks are removed, you can either chop the bottom portion of the corn off using a large chef’s knife or leave it and use it as a handle.

3. If you chop the bottom portion off proceed to shove a bamboo skewer into the bottom of the corn far enough that you can comfortably hold the whole ear of corn.

4. Right before the corn on the cob goes onto the grill combine three cups of mayonnaise with four tablespoons of chipotle powder and four tablespoons of granulated onion.

5. Using a large spoon or whisk blend the mayonnaise with the chipotle powder, granulated onion, juice from one lime and about one tablespoon of sea salt.

6. Place the skewered corn on the cob over direct heat for about three minutes per side.

7. Rotate the corn on the cob so that each side cooks evenly.

8. Once at least half of the kernels have changed colors remove the corn on the cobs from the grill.

9. Immediately place the corn on the cob in the mayonnaise mixture making sure to cover the entire ear of corn.

10. Once the corn on the cob is covered place it on a plate and garnish it with the cojita cheese, sour cream and chopped fresh cilantro.

11. Enjoy!