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Mercer Genesis Usaba Knife – Review

For starters, Mercer Culinary has really outdone themselves with their line of Genesis 7 inch Usaba knives. Both the smooth and granton edge versions of this knife offer superior quality and are immediately ready for the rigors of a commercial kitchen, yet practical enough for the home chef.

After going through a number of different brands of knives over the past few years I finally decided to give the Mercer brand a shot. I can say that after only a few uses I should have been using Mercer all along. Not only do these knives come out of the packaging razor sharp, they stay that way. The German steel proves to be of superior quality as you won’t have to deal with dullness, staines or a lack of edge over time.

Mercer Culinary M20907 Genesis 7″ Forged Usuba Knife


Mercer Culinary M21067 Genesis 7″ Forged Usuba Knife with Granton Edge


The Knife

The Mercer Culinary Genesis Usaba knife is an Asian style knife with a classic rectangular shape blade designed specifically for the fine cutting and chopping of vegetables. Sushi chefs are the main source of inspiration due to the high level of intricacy and fine detail required for five star Japanese cuisine.

The first thing you’ll notice upon taking this knife out of the packaging is its incredible sharpness. Clocking in at a retail level price one wouldn’t expect this level of sharpness and quality from a knife that is literally one third of the price of comparable knives.

Overall both knives are very lightweight which helps them glide through various vegetables as if they were hot butter. A good deal of weight comes from the handle which ultimately acts as an incredible balancing agent. This becomes obvious during chopping work as you can feel just how little weight comes from the blade while the handle gives you the right amount of control to power through a variety of cuts with laser precision.

The Blade

The first thing you’ll need to know about the blade is the fact that it’s made of authentic German steel. To give an accurate illustration of just how efficient this knife is, imagine the ability to cut through the rubbery skin of a tomato without having to use a serrated edge blade. This knife will get the job done as if it’s slicing through nothing at all.

The granton edge grooves allow proper air flow and adequate spacing to keep the knife free of debris and juices. The grooves also allow for more contact between the food and the blade for faster and easier cutting.

The width of the blade plays two pivotal roles in the performance of this knife. First, it’s ideal width makes for a good deal of knuckle clearance when used for chopping. Secondly, when turned sideways the width makes this knife perfect for scooping and transferring chopped vegetables.

The Handle

The next thing you’ll notice is the high level of comfort found within the handle. Thanks to its ergonomic design you get the qualities of a high performance material that offers you both a soft and nonslip grip simultaneously. The overall comfort level of the handle gives you a feeling of satisfaction and ease that results in a knife that is much easier to maneuver and hold onto for longer periods of time than comparable knives.

The material used to craft the handle is a high grade rubber compound called Santoprene. Santoprene is renowned for its long term aging durability and overall stability. This gives the handle a super high quality characteristic as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The Santoprene handle will not break down when exposed to kitchen oils, and is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures.

Final Thoughts

You will be nothing short of amazed at the limited amount of effort it takes to cut through just about all vegetable or fruit items. Personally I’ve found new reasons to love both of these knives each time I’ve had the opportunity to use them. The sharpness may take a little getting used to as they use a double beveled design. Whether you’re using them for chopping or slicing you’ll be hard pressed to find a better set of knives for the price!