Oaks Day – Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Being from the state of Kentucky can make indulging in an authentic Louisiana crawfish boil a bit of a challenge. Luckily for me I have friends who love to cook for large crowds just as much as I do. While BBQ is always sure to attract a large crowd there is something unique about the camaraderie in the messiness that is a crawfish boil. Lots of beer, lots of people, lots of spicy Louisiana crawfish and lots of great music make for one hell of a way to wrap up Oaks day here in Kentucky.


Crawfish Live

100 Pounds Live Crawfish, Rinsed and Purged In Salt Water

Crab Boil
Kosher Salt
Cayenne Pepper
Andouille Sausage
20 Pounds Red Potatoes
20 Large Yellow Onions – Peeled
20 Ears Corn – Halved
20 Garlic Bulbs – Halved
20 Large Lemons – Halved

King Crawfish


1. Fill the pot with water a little more than half way and bring to a boil.
2. Stir in about 3/4 can of salt and 2/3 container of pepper (assuming it is the large 16 oz. size).
3. Add 1/4 of the lemons by cutting in half, squeezing the juice in and throwing in the rinds.
4. Add 1/4 of the potatoes.
5. Return to a boil and boil for about 10 minutes.
6. Add about 1/4 of the onions.

Crawfish Yellow Onions
7. Add 1/4 of the sausage.
8. Add 1/4 of the garlic cloves.

Crawfish Garlic
9. Continue to boil for 5 minutes.
10. Add the crawfish and bring back to a boil for three to five minutes.
11. Add the corn and turn off the heat.
12. Let it all steep for at least 10 minutes but no more than 15 minutes.
13. Carefully remove the vat from the stock pot and dump on a newspaper covered table.

Crawfish Boil

Eat and repeat with a little less salt each time and adjust the pepper as you see fit.



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