Big Green Egg Poultry SmoFried

Official Smofried BBQ Wings

A Smofried BBQ Wing, in the cuisine of the United States, is an un-breaded chicken wing section that is generally hickory smoked then deep-fried then tossed in a sweet apple cider vinegar and all natural honey glaze prior to serving!

1. If you purchase whole wings begin by separating the tip from the flat and the druemette.

2. Once the wings have been separated place them in a medium sized mixing bowl and add about a half cup of fish sauce.

3. Allow the wings to marinate in the fish sauce for up to but no more than one hour.

4. Remove the wings from the fish sauce and place them in a separate bowl and rub them with your favorite BBQ Chicken Rub.

5. Place the wings on your smoker at 275 degrees fahrenheit for one hour.

6. Add frying oil to a large cast iron dutch oven and bring to temp while the wings finish smoking.

7. In a very large mixing bowl add two cups of honey with a half a cup of apple cider vinegar and stir them together using a whisk. Set the mixing bowl aside while the wings continue to cook.

8. Once the wings have smoked for one hour remove them from the smoker and immediately place them into the frying oil leaving enough room for them to move freely.

9. Deep fry the wings for about five minutes or until they begin to float.

10. Remove the wings from the frying oil and place them on a wire rack for two minutes.

11. After the two minutes is up or immediately prior to serving place the wings in the large mixing bowl with the honey and apple cider vinegar.