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Peach Wood Smoked Chicken Salad

Spring time brings about a vibrant flowers as well as much needed break from the heavier foods of the winter. In my home one of our favorite spring time delights is Smoked Chicken Salad. Peach wood gives the chicken just a hint of smoke flavor and the apple variety gives it a light fruity after taste that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Smoked Chicken Salad Sliders

3 Whole Chickens – 5 lbs. Each

Brine Ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar
Kosher SAlt
Brown Sugar
Chipotle In Adobo

Chicken Salad Ingredients:

Olive Oil Mayo
Red Delicious Apple
Granny Smith Apple
Gala Apple
Red Grapes
Dried Cranberries

Big Green Egg Peach Wood


1. Mix the brine ingredients in a 20 Quart Stock Pot and add each of the chickens once everything is dissolved.

2. Add water to the mixture until the chickens are completely covered in brine and refrigerate for up to 24 hours.

3. Start your smoker with All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal and Peach Wood Chunks or Logs making sure to get the dome temperature up to about 400 degrees fahrenheit.

4. Set aside two full beers. Using a can opener remove the lid from three empty beer cans. Open the two full beers and evenly distribute the the contents amongst the three empty cans.

5. Once the smoker is up to temperature place each of the chickens on a beer can and tuck the wings behind the back of the chicken.

6. Roast / Smoke the chickens at 400 degrees for about two hours or until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees fahrenheit. Since the chickens were brined you’ll have a little extra room for temperature without the risk of drying the chicken out too much.

7. Allow the chickens to cool down and then de-skin, de-bone and shred all of the chicken. Save the wings for a snack while you work on shredding the rest of the chicken.

8. Cut about a half a pound of grapes in quarters and place in a large mixing bowl.

9. Slice and chop three whole apples. For this recipe I used three different types of apples; Red Delicious Apple,
Granny Smith Apple and Gala Apple. Add the chopped apples to the mixing bowl with the grapes.

10. In the same large mixing bowl add in a couple of handfuls of dried cranberries.

11. Add about a half a cup of Olive Oil Mayo for each whole chicken and mix all of the ingredients together until well combined. Refrigerate and serve with King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and or Triscuit crackers.

Purple Cabbage Chicken Salad



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