80 Gallon – Standard Flow

– Our Story + Our Smokers –

It all started about 10 years ago when my brother, DeMarco Williams, welded together his very first 55 gallon drum smoker. The units appearing before you represent the culmination of the authentic BBQ culture that we’ve been working towards at the Smofried BBQ Company for the past four years. Everything that we’ve come to understand about BBQ came from that smoker. My brother and I have worked tirelessly over the years to hone in each of our respective crafts. The unique blend of knowledge, resources, materials and machinery that we’ve accumulated over time have given us the perfect timing to present our work to the BBQ world.


Regardless of how or where you’re planning to use your 80 Gallon Offset Standard Flow Smoker just know that the crowd will follow. Enjoy as customers, friends and family mesmerize over not only the BBQ that this unit produces but also its mere presence.

We’ve taken the time to detail all of the unique qualities that make our units truly one of a kind. We like to think that great BBQ begins with stellar presentation. When people look at your Pit they will get to witness firsthand the level of pride that goes into the manufacturing process.


– Stainless Steel Handles
– 29″ x 16″ Side Prep Area
– 4′ x 2′ Bottom Storage Space
– 16″ x 4″ Smoke Stack
– 3″ Temp Gauge
– Dual Temperature Probe Ports
– 3/4″ Drain Spout
– Rubber Coated Steel Swivel Wheels
– 18″ x 21.5″ x 18″ Firebox

Cook Accommodations

– 20 Pork Butts
– 6/8 Briskets
– 14 Slabs of Ribs
– 20 Whole Chickens

Unit Dimensions

– 78.5″ Total Length
– 30″ Total Width
– 29″ x 16″ Extended Prep Table
– Weight – 500 lbs.

– Key Attributes –


Proper heat and air management are the core concepts that we’ve built our units around. Adequate air flow is a critical component in all high level smoking environments. Our fire boxes are built to spec and reference the overall size of the cook chamber in order to offer the most in the area of peak functionality.


The visual appeal of our Custom Build Smokers is the first thing that stands out about our unique models. Only the thickest most robust metals are used in our build process. This allows us the ultimate flexibility in the ways in which we design our builds.


A unique combination of 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch thick steel make up the main components of all of our smokers. This will ensure that your smoker is virtually indestructible. Rigidity is of zero concern since the entire cooker contains only two bolts. The rest of the smoker is held together with acute industrial grade welds giving it a lifetime guaranteed Uni-Body Structure.

-Smokology 101 –

Really good BBQ is the direct byproduct of science and sequence. When Air and Fire are perfectly balanced you create the perfect atmosphere to turn out truly life altering BBQ. Our core objective in each and every build out is prime efficiency. We’ve managed to accomplish this by dialing in the principle components of Fire, Heat and Air.


Sufficient Fire Management is one of the quintessential cornerstones of superior BBQ. The Offset Firebox displacement creates the perfect balance of Fuel and Flavor. Since the primary heat source is situated away from the cook chamber it allows for larger burning logs of wood which ultimately yield the most robust BBQ flavor profile possible.


The primary objectives of our Heat Management System are simplicity and functionality. Heat levels are managed mostly through the thickness of the steel that we use for our Fireboxes. 3/8 inch thick steel plating suppresses some of the uncertainties that come along with outdoor, live fire cooking.

Air Flow

Strategically aligned baffle plates provide an optimal level of control as it pertains to the amount of air in and out of the smoker. Our Standard Flow model allows for cleaner air control during long smoke sessions. The distance between the bottom vent and the smoke stack creates the sought after convection pull popular amongst professional PitMasters.

80 Gallon Standard Flow


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