How does an offset smoker work?

Offset smokers are characterized by the firebox built off to the side of the main chamber of the smoker. This displacement gives cooks the absolute best control over the heating source while also reaping the benefits of the traditional BBQ flavor yielded from a live fire.

How thick is the metal?

The metal that we source for our smokers is typically 1/8″ thick for the main cooking chamber and 3/8″ thick for the firebox. We use thick metal for a number variety of reasons mainly regarding efficiency and durability.

How do you keep the heat and smoke in the pit?

We’ve studied our units to a tee and found all of the spots where smoke may escape and ultimately throw off the ability of the pit to draw air in an efficient manner. In all of those places we use high temperature felt gasket to make sure that no unintentional air or smoke is lost. The heat retention of our smokers is made possible to our use of thick metal and material components.

Are the cooking and the charcoal/wood grates removable?

In short, yes… All of the cooking grates and charcoal rack are completely removable. This allows easy access to all portions of the smoker for easy care and cleaning.

What type of wood should I use?

Wood type is typically a personal preference but we must say that you should only use hardwoods or fruitwoods from a safety perspective. As for the various burn rates of different types of woods we highly recommend using Hickory, Oak, Pecan,

How should I clean and maintain my new grill or smoker?

In most cases regarding fat and drip-age you may use the drain spout that is located on the bottom of the cook chamber. Place a pan or bucket beneath the spout in order to catch any of the residual that may build up inside of your smoker. With all the residual frease drained from the cook chamber you may want to run a fire through the chamber from time to time. This will alleviate any chance for bacterial growth. Once the chamber has been burn cleaned you will want to reason the inside chamber walls with a light layer of cooking oil.

How do I season my new smoker?

Upon receiving your new smoker you’ll want to coat the inside of the cook chamber with a generous amount of cooking oil. Once the inner workings of the smoker are all coated in oil start a moderately sized fire. Be sure to maintain a temperature no higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of two hours.

What type of charcoal and wood should I use in my smoker?

We recommend using premium all natural lump charcoal as the primary heat source for your smoker. We’ve grown to love the level of heat and the consistency that you derive from all natural lump charcoal. Once the charcoal is fully ignited you may add a log of wood to produce the customary smoke flavor most often associated with BBQ.

What type of materials are your pits made from?

The cook chambers of our pits are made from up-cylced air compressor tanks. We thoroughly clean the tanks via sandblasting once we receive them into our shop. This helps to remove all potential rust and residual debris that may be left inside the tank. along with new USA and Canadian sourced steel. All of the steel that we use is either A500 or A36 and structurally certified.

Can I come and look at your pits before I decide to buy one?

Absolutely! We love the company and we love talking about what we do. We encourage anyone with even a slight interest in our smokers or any smokers for that matter to plan a visit to our Louisville, KY production facility. Just reach out to us and let us know that you’re intending to stop by so that we can make sure that at least one of us are there when you arrive. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and get to know our current, past and prospective customers.

Do you make other sizes and styles?

We offer four distinct models in two sizes each. The examples that you see listed on the website are our standard line smokers. They are always available for sale but we do offer customized builds as well. Just let us know about your specific needs and wants and we will work closely with you to get your vision working for you.

Do you build reverse flow smokers?

Yes we do. We have an affinity towards Reverse Append Smokers so we definitely have them available for you to purchase.

Do you build gravity feed smokers?

We currently do not build gravity fed units. While the concept seems incredible we have found a more fluid success rate with our standard offeset models. The potential for gravity fed smokers is certainly high we just feel that we are best suited to focus on what it is that we do best.

Do you keep all of your items in stock?

Our stock inventory fluctuates throughout the year depending on the season and the current demand of specific products. We certainly have most of our models on hand but if we do not have the model that you’re looking for in stock we can have it built within just a matter of a few short weeks. We typically control our inventory by keeping a sufficient number of half-builds on hand so that we may execute on orders in the quickest manner possible.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

While we don’t offer an official warranty we are committed to your happiness in our products. In the unlikely event that there is a manufacturing defect we will exhaust all resources to make sure that you’re taken care of. Our production practices makes the likelihood of any structural defects highly unlikely almost to the point of impossible.

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