Big Green Egg Pork

Pork Banh Mi

I can still remember the first time I had an authentic Banh Mi. To say it was anything short of a life changing experience would be an outright lie. Never had I experienced such a perfect balance of flavor, texture and aroma from a food item. The combination of pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro, grilled pork and a crunchy yet still soft in the middle French Baguette makes the Banh Mi one of the most sought after edible luxuries in the world. Multiply everything right about a really great normal sub sandwich and what you end up with is the perfection that is a Banh Mi!

Pickled Vegetables


Daikon Radish
Serrano Peppers
Rice Wine Vinegar
White Sugar


1. Using a sharp knife slice the Serrano peppers into medallions. Remove the seeds and rind to reduce the heat if necessary.

2. Place the sliced Serrano Peppers into a container and set aside.

3. Peel the outermost layer of skin from the carrots and daikon radish. then place them into separate containers then set aside.

4. Slice the peeled carrots and daikon in half then Julianne cut them using a mandolin.

5. In a large mixing bowl or stock pot combine Rice Wine Vinegar, White Sugar and Kosher Salt then stir until the salt and sugar have completely dissolved.

6. After placing the julienned Daikon and Carrots into separate containers pour the mixed Kosher Salt, White Sugar and Rice Wine Vinegar into each container.

7. Allow the vegetables to brine for at least 24 hours. The vegetables will get better by the day up until one week.

Pork Loin


Whole Pork Loin
Rice Wine Vinegar
Fish Sauce
Lime Juice
Brown Sugar
Green Onions


1. Add a half gallon of Rice Wine Vinegar to a large food safe container.

2. Follow the Rice Wine Vinegar with a half cup of fish sauce.

3. Squeeze juice from three limes into the mixture.

4. Chop two bunches of Green Onions and add them to the brine mixture.

5. Peel and crush two whole cloves of Garlic then add it to the brine mixture.

6. Add one cup of dark brown sugar to the brine then mix until all of the sugar is completely dissolved.

7. Slice one whole Pork Loin into half inch pieces then place them into the brine mixture once complete.

8. Once all of the sliced Pork Loin is placed into the brine add enough water to completely cover all of the pork.

9. Allow the Pork Loin to sit in the brine for 24 to 72 hours.

10. Start a fire in the Big Green Egg and allow the temperature to reach approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. Configure the Big Green Egg for direct searing.

12. Once the temperature is set remove the Pork Loin slices then begin grilling the pieces of each hot, direct and fast.

13. Each grilling cycle will only last about five to eight minutes. So be careful not to overcook the Pork Loin chops.

The Banh Mi


French Baguette


1. Using a bread knife slice a French Baguette longways down the center. Slice it deep enough for the opening of a sandwich but shallow enough that the loaf stays in one piece.

2. Add a very light layer of mayonnaise to the bottom part of the French Baguette.

3. Next add a layer of pickled Daikon Radish followed by a layer of pickled Carrots and just a few Serrano Peppers.

4. Cut the Pork Loin Chops in half and place them on top of the pickled vegetables.

5. Layer one slim cut cucumber on top of the Pork Loin Chops then top the sandwich with a few pieces of fresh Cilantro.

6. Serve and Enjoy!