Pork Spareribs

Throughout the history of BBQ, spareribs have always served as the less desired option as it pertains to pork ribs. Nowadays it looks as though the tide is finally beginning to shift as spareribs are trending towards a more level playing field with their baby back counterparts. To put it simply… you just get more when it comes to spareribs. More meat, more fat and more flat out flavor.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Apple Juice
Squeeze Butter
Natural Honey
Smofried BBQ Hog Rub


1. Remove the spareribs from the cryovac package and start by trimming the excess flap of meat on the backside.

2. Once the excess flap is removed begin removing the membrane from the same side of the ribs.

3. With the membrane removed flip the rack of spareribs over and trim the top portion the entire length of the ribs.

4. Set the trimmed strip of meat aside with the excess flap if you intend on making rib tips. See more about rib tips here – Rib Tips

*The remaining portion of the sparerib is commonly referred to as a St. Louis cut rib.

5. Rub the St. Louis cut rack of ribs with Extra Virgin Olive Oil then follow up with Smofried BBQ Hog Rub on both sides.

6. Place the rack of ribs inside the smoker once the temperature reads 250 degrees Fahrenheit and allow them to smoke for two hours.

7. Once at the two hour mark remove the ribs from the smoker and place them onto a long sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil.

8. With the rack of ribs facing up apply a healthy amount of light brown sugar.

9. Follow the dark brown sugar with equal amounts of squeeze butter and natural honey.

10. Spray the rack of ribs with a healthy amount of apple juice then enclose with the heavy duty aluminum foil.

11. Return the rack of ribs to the smoker for an additional hour.

12. Remove the rack of ribs from the smoker and remove the aluminum foil wrap then return them to the smoker for one last hour.

13. Once the hour is complete, remove the rack of ribs from the smoker and slice between the bones for serving!