Rib Tips

It seems like in the world of BBQ, Baby Backs get all the love and acclaim when it comes to ribs. While I love Baby Back Ribs just as much as the next guy I tend to favor their bigger brother Spareribs. For a number of reasons I feel like Spareribs are the superior option. For one, they contain more fat and when it comes to BBQ fat is your best friend. The second reason I favor Spareribs is because they hold the key to the meaty succulent goodness that you get from Rib Tips. That’s right, whenever you pick up a rack of Spareribs you’re really getting a two for deal!


Pork Spareribs
Smofried BBQ Hog Rub
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Apple Juice
BBQ Sauce


1. Remove the spareribs from the packaging and begin processing them by removing the membrane from the back side of the ribs.

2. Once the membrane is removed locate the small joint area at the top of the rib rack.

3. Using a sharp and heavy chef’s knife begin cutting the the ribs at the joint area to remove the top portion from the rack of ribs.

4. Flip the ribs over to remove the small flap on the underside.

5. Once the flap is removed chop it into smaller pieces about two inches each and set aside.

6. Find the area between the bone and gristle from the top portion of the ribs and make cuts to separate into individual pieces.

7. Add both sets of chopped rib meat into a heavy duty aluminum foil pan then drizzle extra virgin olive oil over them.

8. Follow up the EVOO with Smofried BBQ Hog Rub, making sure to toss the rib tips in order to evenly coat them.

9. Place the rib tips in the smoker for about an hour and a half at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. After an hour and a half remove the rib tips from the smoker and pour apple juice into the aluminum pan along with a few squeezes of butter.

11. Cover the aluminum foil tray with heavy duty aluminum foil and return to the smoker for an additional hour.

13. After the next hour remove the rib tips from the smoker and remove the layer of aluminum foil.

14. Once the rib tips are fully exposed drain the apple juice from the tray then pour your favorite BBQ sauce over the rib tips.

15. Toss the rib tips in order to evenly coat the rib tips then return to the smoker for another 30 minutes.

16. After 30 minutes remove the rib tips from the smoker and try really hard to resist the temptation to eat them immediately!