Smofried BBQ Chimichangas

BBQ is about as prevalent in North American culture as tortillas are in South American culture. Therefore we felt dually obligated to mesh the two culinary staples to produce perhaps the greatest mash up of flavor known to man. Sure, we may be overselling it just a little bit but rest assured that everything that’s right with the world comes full circle when the likes of slow smoked BBQ dances along with rich and creamy cheeses atop your tongue.

*BBQ-Tex-Mex / Smoked Meat

In this particular concoction slow smoked BBQ is the absolute focal point. While slow smoking meat for a number of hours is no easy task there are techniques and traditions to help ensure that everything comes out spot on perfect each time. Though we would love to share each of those techniques and traditions within this blog post, it’s just a bit more fitting if you take the time to break down the crucial points for Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork and Shredded Chicken individually. Feel free to reference any or all of the three Smofried Guides below to help bridge the gap between yourself and great BBQ. And of course, if there is no gap feel free to gloss over that part and get right to the fun stuff.

*Mexican Cheese Blend

In a close second to the slow smoked BBQ comes the Mexican cheese blend. To create the optimal cheesiness you’ll definitely want to start with the highest quality blocks of cheese you can find. Do yourself a favor and skip past the underwhelming bags of pre-mixed cheeses you’ll come across at most major grocers.

The list of cheeses you’ll want to procure are as follows: Medium Cheddar Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese and Colby Cheese. Each block of cheese offers its own unique personality traits to the Chimichangas. Medium Cheddar Cheese lends its distinct sharpness and nutty after tones while the Monterey Jack Cheese lends its acidity along with a pleasant amount of tartness. The Colby Cheese plays the role of balancing act for the other two cheeses as well as some of the other dominant ingredients in the Chimichangas. While the other cheeses offer highly dominant flavor matrices, the Colby Cheese plays the role of balancer within the grand scheme of things.


Whole Cumin
Mexican Oregano
Chilli Powder
Green Onions
Flour Tortillas
Crema Mexicana
Queso Fresco
Canola Oil


  1. Start by slow smoking at least one of the three meats according to the aforementioned Smofried Guides. For best results use either chicken or brisket.
  2. Once the meat is smoked, chop it or shred it then add it to a large mixing bowl and set it aside while you prepare the dry ingredients.
  3. Use a medium sized mortar and pestle to begin grinding whole cumin seeds to a fine powder.
  4. Add the Mexican Oregano and Chili Powder to the mortar and pestle then use your hand to blend the dry ingredients together.
  5. Add about three tablespoons of the dry blended herbs to the mixing bowl containing the BBQ meat you’re going to use for the stuffing.
  6. Chop three or four shoots of green onion then add equal amounts of white and green portions to the bowl of meat and herbs.
  7. Hand grate and blend together one block of Cheddar Cheese, one block of Monterrey Jack Cheese and one block of Colby Jack Cheese.
  8. Next add the blend of Mexican Cheeses.
  9. Once all of the ingredients are blended together begin constructing the chimichangas by placing one ten inch flour tortilla on a flat surface.
  10. Add two heaping tablespoons of the mixed ingredients to the edge of the tortilla.
  11. Center the ingredients so that they are in the middle of the tortilla but still near one of the edges.
  12. Hold the tortilla on both sides with your hands then fold each of the flaps together until you’re touching the mixed ingredients.
  13. With the tortilla flaps folded on top of one another, begin to roll the tortilla shell at the bottom most point away from where the mixed ingredients are.
  14. Continue the roll until all of the tortilla is neatly folded over.
  15. You may use a brush or two of egg white to help keep the tortilla in place prior to frying it.
  16. In a large cast iron wok or frying pan add enough oil to have at least a four inch depth.
  17. Heat the canola oil to 350F.
  18. Once the oil has reached the appropriate temperature place one to two chimichangas in per round.
  19. The frying process should take no more than two or three minutes. As the outter shell of the tortilla begins to brown rotate it so that all of the sides are evenly cooked.
  20. Remove the chimichanga from the hot oil and set it on a wire rack then repeat the same steps for the next chimichangas.
  21. Garnish the fried Chimichangas with crema and freshly chopped cilantro.
  22. Serve and Enjoy!