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SmoFried Buffalo Wings

In regards to the original time of this writing football season is still a few months away but let’s be honest… There is never a “not right” time to enjoy one of America’s favorite appetizers. Chicken wings are pretty much an accepted staple at any outdoor, indoor, drinking or dry get together you can come up with. Buffalo wings specifically are about as synonymous to sports as jerseys are. By utilizing just a little added flare our Smofried Buffalo Wings are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


20 Whole Chicken Wings
Peanut Oil

Buffalo Wings Ingredients

Brine Ingredients:

Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce
Hungarian Paprika
Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

Buffalo Sauce Ingredients:

Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce

Smofried Tabasco

1. Begin by peeling one bulb of garlic. Once peeled add the garlic to a food processor.

2. Add two ounces of Tabasco Hot Pepper sauce to the food processor.

3. Add three tablespoons of Hungarian Paprika to the food processor.

4. Add two tablespoons of Lawry’s Seasoning salt to the food processor.

5. Blend the ingredients on high in the food processor and add them to a two gallon zip lock bag.

6. Add one quart of buttermilk to the zip lock bag.

7. Using a meat cleaver separate the tip from the wing and discard. Afterwards separate the drumette from the flat and add to the zip lock bag. Repeat this step until all of the wings are seperated.

Chicken Wing Anatomy

8. Once the wings have brined for at least 12 hours start the fire in your smoker.

9. Once the smoker temperature reaches 250 degrees fahrenheit arrange the chicken wings as far away from the heat source as your space will permit.

10. Allow the wings to smoke for one to one and a half hours.

Smoked Chicken Wings

11. After you have placed the wings on the smoker pour roughly one half gallon of peanut oil in a cast iron dutch oven.

12. Heat the peanut oil over medium heat until the wings are done smoking.

13. In a medium sized skillet melt two sticks of butter then add five ounces of Chipotle Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce and stir until the liquid is completely orange.

14. Transfer the Buffalo sauce to a large mixing bowl and set aside.

15. Begin dropping the smoked chicken wings into the hot peanut oil, five at a time.

16. Allow each round of five wings to cook for approximately five minutes or until the wings begin to float at the top of the oil.

17. Remove the fried wings from the oil and place on a wire rack. Repeat the frying process for the rest of the wings.

18. Once you have fried all of the wings begin adding them back to the oil five at a time for no more than one minute per round.

19. Return the re-fried wings to the wire rack and repeat until all of the wings have been re-fried.

20. Add the wings five at a time to the Buffalo sauce in the large mixing bowl and toss-to-coat.

21. Serve with celery and ranch or blue cheese salad dressing.



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