Cast Iron Cooking Poultry

Smofried Chicken Burger

Poultry burgers offer a much needed break from the normal routine of beef burgers. After consuming turkey burgers for several years of my life I finally got around to trying out chicken burgers earlier this year. For this cook I took that a step further by grinding fresh chicken breast and thigh meat. What happened next is nothing short of an epic adventure through the university of flavor!


Chicken Breast
Chicken Thighs
Six Chili Powder
Italian Seasoning
Hungarian Paprika
Cracked Black Pepper
Kosher Salt


Romain Lettuce
Purple Onion
Fried Egg
Pretzel Buns


1. If you are using chicken breast and thighs with bones then begin by deboning and skinning each piece of chicken.

2. Once the chicken pieces are deboned and skinned begin slicing them into manageable slices about an inch thick in either direction.

3. Feed the chicken pieces through the meat grinder attachment > Buy Now at Amazon for the Kitchen Aid Mixer.

4. Once all of the chicken is ground begin adding the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl.

5. Work all of the dry ingredients into the ground chicken and pat out equal sized burger patties until all of the ground chicken is used.

6. Heat the 10.25 inch Lodge cast iron grill pan > Buy Now at Amazon over medium heat.

7. Once the grill pan reaches temperature begin cooking the chicken burger patties three at a time for about 20 minutes flipping every five minutes.

8. Once all of the chicken burgers are finished cooking begin toasting the pretzel buns in the oven.

9. Serve with the topping(s) of your choice.



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