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SmoFried Pulled Pork Eggrolls

No matter your background we can all agree that nothing compares to authentic Chinese food. We can also agree that nothing compares to authentic southern BBQ. So when I had the idea to combine the best of both worlds the result was probably the guiltiest of all guilty culinary pleasures. Apparently smoked pulled pork, sesame oil, ginger and crispy spring roll wraps were destined to be together all along.

Half Head of Cabbage




1 Head of Cabbage
5lbs. Boston Butt
10 Carrots – Shredded
Ginger Root
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce





1. Prepare the Boston Butt for normal brining the day or night before you plan on making egg rolls. Allow the pork shoulder to brine for 12-24 hours.

2. Start your smoker cook at 225-250 degrees farenheight with a variety of fruit woods.

3. Once the pork shoulder is on the smoker you’ll want to start the cabbage slaw. Slice the head of cabbage into this slices. Use a cheese grater to shred the carrots. Use a food processor to puree the ginger and garlic.

4. Mix all of the vegetable ingredients together in a large cast iron skillet. Add a good amount of the sesame oil and soy sauce to taste.

5. Cook the vegetable mix over medium heat for 5 minutes , stirring and tossing frequently. Make sure that all of the vegetables are cooked well past ardente.

6. Once the pork shoulder has reached 205 degrees farenhieght pull it from the smoker and allow it to cool. Once the shoulder has cooled shred it and combine with the vegetable mix. Mix well.

7. Begin preparing the rice paper egg rolls. Place wrappers in water, one at a time for about 1 minute each. Remove the wrapper from the water and spread evenly on a flat surface.

8. Place about 3 tablespoons of the pulled pork and vegetable mix into the edge of the wrapper closest to your body.

9. Make the first fold straight down the middle and tight. The second and third folds need to be on either side. From there roll the wrapper tight until you reach the end.

10. Drop the egg roll into the egg wash and roll until well coated.

11. In a large cast iron skillet pour enough canola or peanut oil to fill up to about a one inch depth. Heat the oil to at least 300 degrees farenheight.

12. Place egg rolls into the oil three at a time. After about two minutes turn each of the egg rolls to the opposite side.

13. After four to five minutes remove the egg rolls from the oil and place on a wire rack and allow to cool for another 5 minutes.

14. Garnish with green onions and serve with your favorite duck sauce.




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