Big Green Egg Poultry Tacos

Smoked Chicken Tacos

For what feels like all of the past thirty years it seems like there has been a consistent Taco craze amongst us. As mundane as Tacos appear to be, there just seems to be an ever apparent infatuation with the traditionally Mexican delight. Though Tacos used to be regarded as a Mexican staple they are now an easy to infuse international culinary treat of pure genius. As noted by the weekly holiday like celebration of Taco Tuesday it’s evident at this juncture that the world renowned phenomenon is here to stay for good.


Orange Juice
Sea Salt – 1 Cup
Dark Brown Sugar – 1 Cup
Black Peppercorns

Smoked Salsa Verde

Apple Cider Vinegar
Kosher Salt
Cracked Black Pepper

Red Cabbage Slaw

Red Cabbage – Shredded
Fresh Lime Juice
Red Wine Vinegar
Sea Salt
Cracked Black Pepper


1. Begin preparing the brine by adding one full container of high pulp orange juice to a 3 gallon bucket.

2. Add one cup of non-iodized sea salt as well as one cup of dark brown sugar to the orange juice and stir until both are fully dissolved.

3. Quarter one whole orange and one whole lime and add them to the orange juice along with a handful of black peppercorns.

4. Place 6 to 10 whole chicken breast to the brine solution and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours.

5. Once the brine period is nearing an end start the Big Green Egg and set to the smoking configuration using a fruit wood.

6. Smoke the chicken breast for between three and four hours or until the internal temperature reads 165 degrees fahrenheit.

7. During the final hour of the chicken cook, begin preparing the Smoked Salsa Verde by first removing the husk from 10 to 20 tomatillos.


8. Once the husk is removed rinse the tomatillos and cut the top portion off before cutting each one in half.

9. Place the rinsed and cut tomatillos on the smoker away from the hottest area and allow them to smoke for 30 minutes up to one hour.

10. Once the chicken breast are cooked and the tomatillos have had adequate time to smoke remove them and set aside.

11. Allow the chicken breast to cool before pulling the skin away and deboning each breast.


12. Shred the chicken breast and toss in one-eighth cup of extra virgin olive oil.

13. Begin making the Smoked Salsa Verde by adding the tomatillos to a food processor along with one shallot, one bunch of cilantro, one-third cup of apple cider vinegar two teaspoons of sea salt and five to seven turns of fresh cracked black pepper. Add in a little water if the vinegar taste is too strong.

14. Blend the Smoked Salsa Verde ingredients until a smooth consistency is achieved. Set the Smoked Salsa Verde in the refrigerator until later.

15. Next begin making the Red Cabbage Slaw by finely slicing one small head of red cabbage.

16. Finely chop one whole shallot along with one whole jalapeƱo and add them to a large mixing bowl with the red cabbage.

17. Add the juice from one half a lime along with 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar to the chopped vegetables.

18. Lastly add a half teaspoon of sea salt and five to ten turns of fresh cracked black pepper to the red cabbage slaw ingredients and toss until all is mixed well.

19. Using a medium sized cast iron skillet warm the corn tortillas for about 20 seconds per side.

20. Place a proportionate amount of the smoked shredded chicken to the warmed corn tortillas followed by the Red Cabbage Slaw and top the tacos with a few squirts of the Smoked Salsa Verde.




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