Big Green Egg Poultry

Smoked Duck Sliders

The abundance of duck throughout the winter months is enough to make the summer seem not so distant. As far as poultry is concerned there really isn’t another bird that holds a candle to all of the wonderful things that duck will bring into your life. From crispy skin, to multi use and delicious duck fat you’re already at a great advantage and you haven’t even gotten to the succulent meat!

Brine Ingredients:

Kosher Salt
Crushed Garlic
Black Peppercorns

Inside Cavity:

Navel Orange Quarters

Glaze Ingredients:

Pressed Garlic
Natural Honey
Soy Sauce
Cracked Black Pepper
Kosher Salt
Ground Ginger
Navel Orange Juice


1. Since most ducks are frozen when purchased from the supermarket you’ll need to thaw the duck in the refrigerator for a day or two.

2. After the duck has had enough time to completely thaw, remove it from the packaging and begin trimming the excess skin and fat using a paring knife. Note that the majority of the excess skin will come from the neck area.

3. Once the duck is trimmed prepare the brine solution by mixing one-half cup of Kosher salt, black peppercorns and crushed garlic to a food safe container. Add enough water to completely submerge the duck.

4. Allow the duck to brine for up to 24 hours before smoking.

5. Remove the duck from the brine and pat it dry with a lint free paper towel.

6. Using a paring knife or a needle proceed to poke holes all over the breast area of the duck. Poke a few holes in the skin on the leg and thigh areas as well. Make sure not to penetrate past the skin of the duck.

7. Start the Big Green Egg using the smoking configuration. The best woods to use is are pecan, orange, peach or a combination of the three.

8. While the Big Green Egg is heating up prepare the glaze by first adding two cups of natural honey to a large mixing bowl.

9. Add the juice from one navel orange to the mixing bowl along with fresh cracked black pepper and Kosher salt.

10. Using a garlic press add three to five cloves of garlic to the mixing bowl.

11. Remove the skin and grate three to five inches of fresh ginger into the mixing bowl with the rest of the previously added ingredients.

12. Using a handheld juicer add the juice from one whole navel orange to the mixing bowl.

13. Lastly add a quarter of a cup of soy sauce and mix all of the ingredients together until the glaze is a consistent color.

14. Begin dressing the duck for smoking by quartering one whole navel orange and placing the wedges inside of the cavity.

15. Once the cavity is full and the glaze is prepared place the duck on the Big Green Egg making sure to place a pan for dripping fat below.

16. Allow the duck to slow roast / smoke for approximately three hours or until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees fahrenheit.

17. Once the duck reaches the appropriate temperature remove it from the Big Green Egg and give it up to a half hour to rest.

18. Remove the skin from the duck then proceed to debone the meat while hand shredding.

19. Prepare sliders with fresh arugula and pickled red onions.