Big Green Egg Pork

Smoked Porchetta

Within the world of BBQ, pork belly maintains a perception as one of the most mythical cuts of pork. While ribs are ribs and ham is ham, pork belly offers a much wider range of culinary possibilities. Cube it and you’ll have some of the best pork belly burnt ends ever. Cure it and you get bacon. Roll it and you achieve the delightful mesh of taste, texture and aroma known as Porchetta. The aromatic qualities of the fresh herbs coupled with the crunchy effects of a high temperature kiss of smoke on the outer edges of the Porchetta will allow you to quickly understand just why this is one of the most sought after pork recipes.


4-6 Pound Pork Belly

Smofried BBQ Hog Rub
Smofried SPG BBQ Rub

Fresh Thyme
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Sage
Fresh Basil

Butcher’s Twine
Lump Charcoal
Oak Wood


1 – Remove the pork belly from the cryovac package and lay it flat with the fat side up.

2 – Using a sharp boning knife score the fat side of the pork belly. Make the score marks a quarter of an inch thick with a square two inch area between each mark.

3 – Turn the pork belly over and apple a generous amount of EVOO to the non-fat side.

4 – Add an even dusting of Smofried BBQ Hog Rub all over the non-fat side of the pork belly.

5 – Chop fresh basil, thyme, rosemary, and sage then apply the fresh herbs atop the dry-rubbed non-fat side of the pork belly.

6 – Roll the rubbed pork belly into a tight loaf.

7 – Cut 6 separate 8 inch portions of butcher’s twine and space them evenly on a cutting board.

8 – Place the rolled Porchetta over top of the pieces of butcher’s twine then begin to tie each piece tightly around the rolled pork.

9 – Using lump charcoal and a small amount of natural hardwood set the Big Green Egg or other smoker to a roasting temperature of 300F. Once the smoke begins to flow clear with a slight blueish tint place the rolled Porchetta on the smoker.

10 – Allow the Porchetta to smoke for about three hours or until the internal temperature reaches 160F.

11 – Once the Porchetta reaches 160F remove it from the Big Green Egg cover it in aluminum foil and allow it to rest for at least 30 minutes.

12 – After the resting period, slice the Porchetta using a sharp slicing knife. Slice each portion at about an inch thick.

13 – To reheat the Porhetta slices use a cast iron skillet. Apply two turns of coarse cracked black pepper to each side of the slice.

14 – Sear each side of the sliced Porchetta for two minutes each then serve as a sandwich.

Cutlery Guide:

Below are a few of the knives that were used in the production of this recipe. All three of the knives listed below are available for purchase on

Mercer Culinary Millenia 14″ Granton Edge Slcing Knife´╗┐