Cast Iron Cooking Poultry

Sweet + Spicy Asian BBQ Wings

Lightly breaded then deep fried to a crunchy golden crisp then drenched in a succulent sweet and spicy Asian BBQ sauce… It’s moments like these that make folks of all races, religions and nationalities rejoice over the coveted chicken wing. Chicken wings are readily available and exceptionally inexpensive, yet still regarded as a delicacy in just about every corner of the world.

Chinese 5 Spice
Kosher Salt
Cracked Black Pepper
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
Arrowroot Powder

1. Purchase whole chicken wings from your local grocery store.

2. Rinse the whole wings then remove and discard the tips.

3. Next, separate the drumette from the flat.

4. Once all of the wings are separated place them in a large mixing bowl and cover with Kosher Salt, Cracked Black Pepper, Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce.

5. Pour about 8 cups of frying oil into a large cast iron wok and allow the temperature to reach 350 degrees fahrenheit.

6. In a separate mixing bowl combine two cups of arrowroot powder and four tablespoons of Chinese 5 Spice.

7. Once the oil reaches the necessary temperature begin dredging the chicken wings in the arrowroot powder and Chinese 5 Spice mix.

8. Immediately place the coated chicken wings in the frying oil, no more than 10 at a time and allow them to thoroughly cook for approximately 12 minutes per batch.

9. Remove the chicken wings from the oil and place them on a cooling rack to drain for two minutes.

10. In a separate mixing bowl add Spicy Asian BBQ sauce and toss the wings until they are evenly and well coated.

11. Garnish the chicken wings with sesame seed and green onion!