Big Green Egg Pizza Night

Pizza on the Big Green Egg can be a very daunting task. Between getting the pizza onto the egg to controlling the temperature you will run into a litany of possible issues the first few times you take a swing at pizza night. I must say that once the stars align and you finally get the pizza process in order you will not want delivery ever again. The best part is the timing. You’ll find that you’re able to cook pizzas at a blazing rate and the taste is second to none. Continue reading “Big Green Egg Pizza Night”

Pineapple Plank Chicken Breast

When it comes to grilling chicken breast there is no shortage on methods to get the best part of the yard bird cooked. From simple recipes and ingredient lists all the way to elaborate gourmet methods chicken breast can be whipped up to culinary delight in a number of ways. This recipe features juicy chicken breast grilled somewhere in the middle of simple yet gourmet worthy. The aesthetics alone will make just about any chicken breast lover’s mouth water on sight! Continue reading “Pineapple Plank Chicken Breast”

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Kebobs

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken being cooked then you can attest to the almost euphoric feeling that comes over your mind and body as the sweet scents of flavor waft through the air. Grilling these jerk chicken kabobs on the Green Egg was a heavenly experience to say the least. The distinct scents made me want to keep cooking well into the night hours without even thinking about what they were about to taste like! Continue reading “Jamaican Jerk Chicken Kebobs”

Baby Back Ribs – Smofried 4th of July

In the United States the 4th of July has a few meanings. Some deeper than others for obvious reasons. No matter how you may feel about the 4th two things are certain year in and year out. Fireworks and ribs are about as synonymous to the 4th of July as Christmas is with the month of December. This year I felt the need to go with the mold and curate some top notch baby back ribs. The ensuing blog post is a vivid representation of not only the process and the result but also the deep American passion. Continue reading “Baby Back Ribs – Smofried 4th of July”

Big Green Egg Peri Peri Chicken

In searching for a rich ethnic dish to grill I initially struggled to settle on a specific corner of the world. I was able to draw inspiration from the recent passing of my hometown legend Muhammad Ali a few weeks ago. While watching Will Smith’s Oscar winning performance in Ali I came to the realization that there just doesn’t seem to be adduce coverage of some of the wonderful and fragrant dishes that are indigenous to the continent of Africa. Continue reading “Big Green Egg Peri Peri Chicken”

Big Green Egg Lollipop Drumsticks

Several months back I was introduced to the concept of lollipop chicken drumsticks. Initially the main draw for me was the aesthetic factor they brought to the table. After a few bites that sentiment quickly changed to the distinctly rich flavor that each one of the varieties pack. The cooking technique alone qualifies these lollipop drumsticks as a contender the preferred method of cooking and consuming chicken legs. Continue reading “Big Green Egg Lollipop Drumsticks”

Honey Chipotle Braised Chicken Tacos + Nachos

The look, the feel and the taste of authentic Mexican food is second to none no matter what corner of the world you are in! Nothing less was expected when I decided to put together a few random ingredients that I have had laying around in my pantry for the past few months. A fresh pack of boneless skinless chicken breast, my trusty seven quart dutch oven and a few fresh pepper powders made me feel as if I were on a culinary expedition south of the border. Continue reading “Honey Chipotle Braised Chicken Tacos + Nachos”