Cast Iron Cooking Poultry

Dutch Oven Roasted Chicken

Throughout the years of constant cooking, experimenting and testing I’ve found that more often than not some of the best meals come off the cuff. A very un-exact combination of flavor profiles play an extremely important role in the culmination of this simple recipe for delicious roasted chicken. The citrus notes from a couple of […]

Big Green Egg Cast Iron Cooking Poultry

Dutch Oven Mediterranean Chicken

If tender fall off the bone chicken tickles your fancy then this recipe is an absolute must try, as long as you have access to a sizable cast iron dutch oven. If you happen to own a large Big Green Egg consider yourself lucky as the outcome will only be that much better. A few […]

Big Green Egg Cast Iron Cooking Poultry SmoFried

SmoFried Ghost Wings

Chicken wings are perfect for just about any type of event or gathering. They can easily double as an appetizer or the entree. They are simple to eat and most importantly they are the unquestioned best part of the chicken to consume. If you’re anything like me you love your wings spicy, smoked then fried.