KY Derby Festival Burger Contest Winner – #SmoFried

On a random Sunday morning in early March I was up a little earlier than I normally would’ve been. My reason for being up early on this particular Sunday morning was to get a head start on creating and organizing content for this very website. What I failed to realize at that moment was how the next news bit would change the direction of this brand. I saw a piece about the Kentucky Derby Festival Burger Contest. My objective coming into this year was to create some brand momentum by entering into a couple of culinary contests. I had absolutely no idea that I would end up winning the first contest that I entered in. This is what ensued… Continue reading “KY Derby Festival Burger Contest Winner – #SmoFried”

SmoFried Cheese Stuffed Angus Burger

We’ve all had those life changing food experiences and I’m willing to bet that at the center of at least half of those moments are all American beef burgers. From the tried and true cheese burger to the ultra complex burger concoctions with more toppings than a supreme pizza, we all have a special place in our hearts as well as stomachs for a great juicy burger! Continue reading “SmoFried Cheese Stuffed Angus Burger”