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Victorinox 14″ Slicing Knife – Review

Smoked brisket requires a certain level of precision on a few different fronts. Not only do you have to select the perfect brisket, you also have to smoke it with the right type of wood and for the right amount of time. Once your hardwork is complete you’ll definitely want to present your crowning achievement in proper fashion. That’s where the 14 inch slicing knife from Victorinox comes into play!

If you’ve excelled at the art of smoked brisket this knife was designed especially for you. The 14 inch blade length gives you the ability to slice across very wide cuts of meat in three strokes or less. Typically a movement pattern consisting of forward, back and forward will yield a professional grade slice of brisket, corned beef, pastrami or roast beef.

The granton edge allows for air pockets to form between the blade of the knife and the meat you’re slicing. This enables you to slice beef briskets with an even smoothness each and every time this knife sees action.

The extraordinary grip of the Fibrox handle makes dealing with often times greasy brisket safe and convenient. The overall construction of this knife is far superior to anything that you’ll pick up at a typical big box store. Discoloration and dullness are a few of the worries you will not have with the 14″ Victorinox Brisket Knife. Surprisingly, the cost is much more economical than some of its counterparts. Expect to pay up to three times as much for a comparable slicing knife from other brands.

Spending an entire day smoking brisket warrants a tool that will make the final product show room presentable. After a few uses you’ll find yourself buying and smoking more brisket just so that you have the opportunity to use this slicer!

Product Specs:

Blade Length
-14 Inches

Blade Material
-High Carbon Steel

Blade Type

Edge Style

Handle Color

Handle Material

NSF Listed


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